TA Day 97- Water, water, everywhere

Today-14km from Morrisons Footbridge to Goat Pass HutTotal-2153km

Incredible day today. Start of theDeception-Mingha track which is notorious for being a real problem if even a drop of rain, due to the fact you walk up a river with numerous crossings. I’d hoped the forecast I’d looked at 5 days ago held true, woke up to cloudy skies.However, it looked like low cloud that would burn off, so had a nice morning reading and hot choc and then got going. The DOC sign reckoned 9 hours up to Goat Pass hut, but that could be 8-9 for me.Wandering through a huge river valley was epic, boulder hopping and trying to see the next orange trail marker to avoid crossing the swift river too much.There were small trail sections, but most of the day was exposed.The views got better and better.Stopped for a cheese and crackers break and was surprised at my speed up the valley, considering it was slow boulder hopping I’d done nearly 3km an hour. That dropped to about 2km for the last couple.Ilove this type of tramping, where it’s more of a route, and scrambling is involved.Having water all around was incredible and I think I only carried about half a litre the whole day, topping up as I went.The bid wide valley turned into a smaller narrower deeper river scramble as I moved further and further.I saw Upper Deception hut which a lot of people miss the hidden turnoff, a 6 bunk classic in a cute location.Decided it was time for a swim and had a refreshing cool down in a gorgeous swimming hole. Repeated several times in the next few km.Finally began the end climb up to the hut, and it’s incredible! Beautiful wooden log cabin feel, and a full house tonight.Climbed a couple hundred metres to Goat Pass for a view.Everyone arrived slightly later and we all agreed it was an epic day. Enjoyed a social dinner with lots of new friends.


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