Travel and Adventure Films (you should probably watch right now)

There’s nothing quite like the ending of a movie where you think – I have to do that, see that, go there right now. Whether its a hardcore adventure buzz or simply a reminder that you should book your next plane ticket right now, watching travel films are a sure way to get and stay inspired.

What I love is the variety of films out there which not only educate, entertain and motivate but they also capture the essence of travel or adventure perfectly, so you feel in the moment with the story as it progresses.

So in no particular order, some of my top picks for films/documentaries I have seen recently are :

A Map for Saturday

Based on long-term backpacking around the world travel, this film sums up the ongoing thoughts, highs,lows, and truths about living out of a bag and going it on your own for a year. It encompasses both the worldview of the young and old travellers, and the essence of travel – in the form of a documentary style film which is entertaining to all who have been or wish to go travelling.

The Way – El Camino de Santiago

Fascinating look into one mans journey on the Camino, and a must watch for all long-distance walkers and Camino enthusiasts. Based on a true story, it follows a father who has lost his son to tragedy transform into a different man, and who overcomes his fears and self-doubts in order to “live a little” as his son would’ve wanted. Great watch if not a little sad at times. Gives good insight to the Camino de Santiago.

As it Happens- The Pacific Crest Trail

This is a lesser known favourite but fascinated me as I would love to thru-hike one day. I think it captures the physical and mental challenges that arise but also keeps the spirit of friendship and good will of strangers alive and kicking. One of my favourites at the moment. A real intimate look at the journey of two friends who hike from Mexico to Canada on The Pacific Crest Trail.

180° South

Stumbled across this on netflix and would recommend to everyone. Brilliant documentary which shows the passion come alive in pursuit of adventure any enthusiast can relate to. In the footsteps of those gone before, Jeff pursues his dream of climbing Corcovado and the documentary follows his journey through Patagonia, Chile alongside his surfer-dude mate, retracing the adventure of Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins in 1968. A mixture of adventure travel, outdoor challenges and the raw, fresh look at real life and the impact of industrialisation on nature, this film has a strong impact on all of us environment conscious nature lovers who want to protect our playground.

The Art of Flight

Couldn’t not include this bad boy as an inspiration to every snow enthusiast in the house. This film is just amazing in the videography, snowboarding skills, and a real glimpse into the life of those who are living the dream. Can’t wait to get back in the snow after watching this one!

Into the Wild

Another great must-watch for solo enthusiasts and also those who appreciate getting away from the trappings of society and fulfilling a simpler, but plentiful life. Rejection of convention and a want for isolation propels Christopher to live in the wild as he heads for Alaska. However, he realises the wrath and majesty of nature as wells as his need as a human for interaction and shared memories. A bit sad at the end but a a good watch. Love how the story flicks from present to past.


Pretty funny watch but based on a true story , this film follows Cheryl through her trek on the Pacific Crest Trail, through trials and tribulations, the kindness of strangers and the self-realisation of the need for change. She begins as most of us do for many life pursuits, wrongly prepared and scared to ask for help, but things change quickly as she becomes accustomed to life on the trail.


In honour of my current location in Australia, stumbled upon this (actually the book first but gave the film a watch too) . Following one girls dream to walk across the Australian desert with her camels and dog, this film will hit home for any independent solo adventurists or travellers who appreciate the art of solitude. An epic adventure with obvious ups and downs, I also would recommend reading the book for extra detail and insight.

I could go on but I will stop here. A good start for anyone wanting some inspiration.

What is your favourite? Have you seen any of these and what others can I add to the list?

Happy watching!

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”


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