Inspiration & Motivation Tips For Your Next Adventure

We’ve all been there, working the job and coming home to chill at night, eating sleeping repeating. Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired to do anything. I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite tips for getting inspired to go and do something you are passionate about. 

1. Research. Be it blog posts, YouTube, videos or books, go for a good Ol Google search of something that interests you. I love learning and expanding my knowledge on topics, and knowing more about it, makes me want to to it all the more. Soon you will be planning some sort of adventure or at least daydreaming. If it helps put on some upbeat inspirational tunes to get you the mood.

2. Be inspired by the people you surround yourself with. If you are surrounded by people who share your passions, no doubt they will share your enthusiasm for a new adventure,whatever it may be. Catch that inspiration and use it as you will.

3. Actually book something concrete. Be it a campground, bus ticket, flight,travel agent appointment or tickets to that motivational rock climber show yourve been dying to see, having some plan in place will allow you to build up enthusiasm for a new adventure.


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4. Branch out and try something new! A friend offered to take me bouldering at a climbing gym, and I just said yep lets go and we did! Participating and trying something new, whether or not it is for you, will get you passionate about a new adventure or activity of your own. I can’t wait to go bouldering again, and climbing, and it has made me excited for all the trips I am planning whether they be hiking, diving and biking, just getting out and being active is great.


5. Wherever you may be, go take a walk or sit in nature for a while. Remind yourself how lucky you are and take a moment to really be in the present moment. Life can be a blur especially when we don’t allow ourselves to just be, and sometimes it all gets too much and we feel deflated and unexcited about things we know we really love. Give yourself time, and be grateful for everything you have.

6. Look at pictures, old diary entries, or logs of your activities and adventures, your own or just browsing others for inspiration. Think of all the fun you have had over the years and how you felt during that time. Get re-inspired by reminiscing.

What are your favourite ways to get motivated and inspired for an upcoming adventure?


  1. Such a mature and real 5 step guide to getting on the adventure pathway.
    Like throwing the leg over the motorcycle–firing it up and heading out. Sometimes the destination isnt always clear but the journey getting there just as rewarding. What a great read… CD


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