Roy’s Peak

Nothing like a five hour hike on your day off.

I’ve been loving work on the mountain so far, it’s been physical and busy and just awesome, but was stoked to grab a couple of days off this weekend. Rather than lying in bed as per usual, decided to get out and do the infamous Roy’s Peak.

As I’ve been doing nothing but socialising all day and night since working, was keen for a little down time and me time. So bag on my back I proceeded to the car park about 6km from Wanaka and started the climb!

Roy’s Peak track is very graded and rated as an easier walking/tramping track. It will take you anywhere from 4-7 hours return, I managed about 5 hours with plenty of stops, photos , and lunch at the summit. The track is wide enough to pass other groups (and be passed yourself!) weather dependant it can be muddy, slippery, icy and snowy. Due to the mild winter conditions we are experiencing so far in Wanaka there was no snow around.

Got lucky and although there was a little cloud to begin, it cleared quickly making the summit amazing with stunning views. The view down to Wanaka and further across to lake hawea is spectacular, especially with the surrounding mountain ranges (although would be nice to see some more snow ).

Makes you appreciate the good things in life after views like that!

Stay tuned for more adventures


One comment

  1. Excellent read Courtz as I cook some tea on the bbq. Be a nice contrast to the hectic daily mountain grind of the last few weeks with some solitude amd splendid scenery. Nice photos
    Cheers. Dad


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