Twin Falls – Backcountry Yoho

With my work schedule changing rapidly, all of a sudden I had the weekend off, and nothing planned. Loads of campgrounds in the backcountry were already sold out as it was a holiday weekend. I managed to get a booking at the Twin Falls campground later in the day so quickly packed up and drove into Yoho National Park to get a move on. There was plenty of daylight left as I started my hike at Takakkaw Falls trailhead and hiked into the Yoho Valley.


The trail to Laughing Falls is easy for the first 4.5km , following the Yoho river and winding its way up the valley. Further than Laughing falls is the Twin Falls campground, situated right on the river with great views and a cute picnic area. I quickly set my tent up and packed my day pack – I wanted to make the most of this quick overnight adventure.


I had heard of an unmaintained trail up into Waterfall Valley, and after checking out Twin Falls I started to ascend the switchbacks up the Whaleback trail to the top of Twin Falls. It was here I took a turn onto the unmaintained but well formed track  into the Waterfall Valley.


It was late in the day and my energy was a little low after just climbing several hundred metres in elevation rather rapidly so I continued on for a few kilometres where the views really opened up out towards Yoho Peak. I would have loved to keep going but my energy was waning and I wanted to get back to camp to have a nice dinner and relax by the river.


Twin Falls campsite is in a really nice location by the river, with the tent pads (or rather, wherever you can find some flat ground to put your tent as they were not super well defined) in the forest. I spent a while hanging out chatting to some new friends and enjoying my dinner.



The next morning I went and checked out the trail to Yoho Glacier. You do not get very close to the Glacier but views open up nicely onto the moraine and it is nice to get onto a track with very few people, in fact, I saw no-one.

All in all, a great overnight hike exploring some fewer-walked trails in one of my favorite parks. 41843207_10156828180443578_3136662848751534080_n_10156828180438578

The Twin Falls Chalet had a few guests when walking past, a wonderful historical log cabin to stay in the woods.


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