TA Day 5 – Life after beach

Today- 14km Ahipara – Kaitaia + at least 2km walking around Kaitaia

Total – 115.3km

Today Sarah and I road walked to Kaitaia. We were a little hesitant and not sure if we should hitch or just get the bus, but we decided to start walking and if we felt super unsafe or anything we could get a ride.

Road walking is okay if you have a grass verge or very big view of stuff coming. 99% of drivers were very curtious and gave us lots of room, and the last few km into town are on a footpath yay.

You see some cool things when you are not rushing by in a car.

Highlights include baby animals like baby cows, horses and sheep, rows of hedges immaculately groomed, and interesting letterbox ideas .

Also really wanted a yummy peach but they weren’t open.

Had heard a story of a walker unfortunately getting bitten by a dog, but was pleased to see all barking dogs were either tied up or behind fences and gates.

We had a well deserved icecream in Kaitaia before meeting up with Sarah’s friend Aaron, who unfortunately hurt his foot on the beach but is back, ready to tackle the forests.

After Subway and a fun journey to Pak N Save we are ready for the next 4-5 day stretch that will take up through the Northland Forests.

This is what way too much food looks like!


  1. Wow a great 5 days log -and really knocks the startup out of the park
    Great fotos and writeup of the 90mile beach odyssey with all the new people meets and experiences Good camping as well and all the gear workin very well
    Great start


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