TA Day 39 – Ruapehu Round the Mountain

Today – 23.4km From Rangipo Hut to Mangaturuturu hut

The morning sun was pretty awesome so I had coffee on the front deck of the hut enjoying the view.

I knew it was going to be a hot one so I covered up and got ready to roll.

The track was described as ‘undulating’ and it was definately up and down. If I had guess at the profile for this tramp it would be the biggest squiggle.

The track went down an enormous gorge and it was amazing to see up the river valley to the mountain.

Today the scenery was pretty diverse, and as well as open terrain , it was a welcome relief to head into the shade of the beech forest.

Lots of swingbridges kept it interesting and it was incredible the work that DoC has done with beautiful boardwalk made for fast walking.

Heading out to Ohukune Mountain Rd it was roadwalking uphill for 3km before joining the track back up to continue the Round The Mountain track.

After chatting with a few people on the track it was down down down to the Mangaturuturu hut for the evening. I passed two ladies Gina and Sue and had a nice chat, and would continue to get to know them at the hut later in the evening.

The last bit was interesting, crossing some refreshing rivers and some really downhill bits testing the old knees out.

Made good time today having lots of nice breaks and seeing the sights, and really enjoyed the walking.

Met a bunch of lovely people at the hut, loads of people in comparison to flying solo last night at Rangipo hut.

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