TA Day 57- Naps are life

Today- 40km from Koitiata Camp to Mt Lees Reserve

Total- 1430kms

Well. Didn’t think I could hike 10kms let alone 40km today!!

Had a great night sleep and woke up early, I had mixed feelings about the day ahead, knowing I could try and do 40km but that I would probably just do 30km.

Fast forward an hour onto the beach, and, although my body was fine, my mind couldn’t warm up and get in the swing of it today.

After the beautiful beach section, rugged west coast waves, and black sand, I got off the dunes and had a well needed snack break before heading into the forestry roads.

I was feeling so sleepy and couldn’t mentally get on board, so i stopped and lay down and had a 15min power nap.

I sat up, felt refreshed, and all of a sudden i was back in hiking mode, yay!

The trail today was, well, not really trail at all. The first bit was on the beach, beautiful, but the soft kind of sand that its tricky to walk on.

The next 22km were on a mix of sealed and unsealed roads, but not unpleasant walking, nice scenery, and barely and vehicles – more tractors than cars!

Stopped in to say hi at a trail Angel’s place before Bulls but unfortunately they weren’t there, but it looks an amazing place to stay – Mayhem Roost is the name.

Bulls is a quirky town with lots of hilarious Bull puns.

The sun was really intense today- so loads of sunblock and shady lie downs did me well.

Got into Bulls and slammed a milkshake so fast it barely existed, before meeting Valeria who had just got a big tub of hokey pokey icecream and looking to share.

Treated myself to some yum pad Thai to power me up for the last 10kms.

The last couple of hours from Bulls to Mt Lees Reserve were easy walking, my feet were starting to have enough for sure.

Success all round , I can still walk after 40km, and I had many delicious snacks and lie downs today.

Fully recommend naps on trail, it turned my whole day around!

One comment

  1. Bullish day all round…
    Wonderfull achievement and a flat part of the world with much reality
    I think the napping stuff is positive and simply a battery recharge
    Huge day


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