TA Day 59- Another biggie

Today – 31.4km from Whiowhio hut to Toko Corner Campsite

Total- 1493.4km

Sore feet. It was bound to happen with all the roads and hard surfaces, but I took it real slow today and had lots of breaks to look after my feet. The good news is theres no blisters or anything , more just general soreness from being on the concrete for 130+ kms.

Today started off chill, walking some nice city trails out of Palmerston North.

Enjoyed many snack breaks today, as I had resupplied with so much food! There were some random bush tracks that cut in to mix it up from the roads which were nice.

I tried to keep going a bit longer than usual to have my lunch break at the 22km mark and a nice reserve that was there.

Ran into Iben, Ralph, Laine and Casey who were all hiking together.

Had a chat with a couple of really nice day walkers and then passed the “halfway” mark. This is more of a awesome well done acknowledgement board than an official halfway, which is tommorrow!

After lunch I felt so sleepy so only made it another km or so up the road before finding a nice spot for a post lunch nap.

Heard footsteps and another hiker came up, and then a bit later I met a whole group that were behind.

We started talking and the last few kms zoomed by! We also saw some random orange trees.

Tonight we are all squished in together at this nice campsite , we had to do some tent tetris to fit everyone!

Pretty tired tonight so resting the feet and body up. Theres also so many of us at the camp it’s a little overwhelming as it’s a group that know each other really well. Went to bed pretty early to get some well deserved zzzzz.

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