TA Day 81- The Hunger Games

Today- 13.6km From Tarn Hut to Top Wairoa hut

Total- 1886.4km

Woke up this morning hungry. Oh dear. After a big dinner and eating my chocolate mousse last night.

Ate about 4 bars for breke then we left. Unfortunately after the first 200m ascent my stomach was rumbling again. It’s so weird how it just hit me today!

I sucked on a lolly as the descent began, and then had to eat a muesli bar about 15 mins later. My thoughts ranged from fried chicken to icecream to the wonderful kebabs I had in Wellington.

It was a really nice forest trail this morning and did a huge descent of 800m down to Mid Wairoa hut, a cute one by the river.

A leisurely break there meant we were ready for the next leg, from mid to top Wairoa hut.

Met a north bound hiker called Tom [Aussie] who hiked the TA two years ago but had no views when he came to the Richmonds so decided to come back to see it in its glory.

This section involves some sidling above the river and some river crossings. Nothing too hairy but we had primo weather.


here were some steep sections with some down climbing and scrambling, and I would hate to think about this track in crap weather.

The river crossings were straightforward and less than knee deep, so refreshing in the crystal clear water. Incredible.

Stopped for lunch and got eaten by sandflies.

Found a beaut swimming hole a couple more kms up the river and enjoyed a quick and refreshing dip to get rid of the heat. From there it was a straightforward couple of km to the hut.

Unfortunately, 6 ft tall Laine had a run in with a low hanging rock cliff, and hit his head pretty good , so Iben , whose a doctor, tended to that and we all had a rest before continuing on. Luckily the wound wasn’t too deep or bad, and Laine was feeling fine.

Got to the hut and there were two bunks left, so in light of Laines injury, him and Iben got the bunks and Ralph and I set up our matching MSR hubbas about 50m from the hut.

Met Eric and Emma , and Dan and Rachel(?) From the USA who had all done a nice half day from mid Wairoa today.

After a nice dinner , the door opens and two more come in, Hans and his daughter from Switzerland, and then shortly after , Mario [Germany], and Oli,Emeric & Dylan [France] all roll in between 8- 9pm after a huge day from Rintoul hut. It’s a party!

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