TA Day 101- Lake Coleridge and Beyond

Today – 28km from Harper Campsite to Lake Coleridge

Total- 2235km

Started a bit earlier this morning as I had to try my luck getting a ride out of Lake Coleridge to Methven.

Todays hike was along a dirt road some 28km before Lake Coleridge village.

En route some awesome views of small lakes. This section ends at the north side of the Rakaia River which is impassible on foot.

This requires a drive/walk around to the south side, some 60-70 km away.

I opted to get a ride into Methven, same as most hikers, to resupply and for me, it was time for new shoes so I got a lift into Christchurch.

Arriving in Christchurch, I enjoyed an afternoon wandering around and found the last bed at a hostel downtown.

One comment

  1. Well the end of another leg in a way and again such a wide scenic spread and plenty of demanding trail days but as you said you can alter your pace and distance appetite to suit and shorten up and enjoy more some days. Huts super fascinating and a real hub of trail life. Good to meet DOC teams in action. Great


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