TA Day 98 – Arthur’s Pass

Today – 10km from Goat Pass Hut to Greyneys Shelter [To Arthur’s Pass] , Bealey Hut


Ended up being a super full hut last night. Even people sleeping on the floor! No matter though, heaps of room and a great nights sleep altogether, only a couple of snorers.

Hard to believe I was only a few hours from Arthur’s Pass already! The aim of the game was to complete the 3-4 hours tramp then get a ride into Arthurs Pass to avoid walking on the highway for 5km. I was planning to stay in Arthur’s Pass the night, maybe at the campground.

The morning was awesome tramping. This is a hike I would definately come back and do again , amazing hut and epic views.

Goat Pass itself was tussocky and some impressive boardwalk sections led the way down the pass, thank you DOC!

There seemed to be endless opportunity for off track exploring with lots of little knobs and peaks around.

Followed this valley down to the tree line, and then meandered through the forest for a while.

Had a snack at the brand new Mingha Biv, an amazing effort of hard work and dedication by locals, what a cute shelter . They had only a week previously ripped the old bivvy apart to redo the entire thing

The weather was drizzly and misty, a moody atmosphere. I really enjoy these days as long as I’m warm, because it enhances the views.

Met some hardworking DOC blokes fixing up some boardwalk and stopped for a yarn.

Apart from some tricky downclimb sections the track was straightforward and enjoyable walking.

Opened out into the river valley and enjoyed splashing across some rivers Towards the highway that would lead to Arthur’s Pass.

I purposefully left later today, so that everyone would spread out a bit in terms of getting rides into town. Unfortunately up ahead I spotted 6 others I had managed to catch , so knew I may be waiting a while.

There were other priorities, and going to the bathroom was the main one. Thankfully, across the highway to Greyneys Shelter, my timing couldn’t have been more perfect and I found a toilet there. Walking out from the loo, a guy with his family enquired to the walking tracks in the area and I explained a few and where I’d come from. He was really interested and said his family was headed to Arthur’s Pass and i asked if they had room for one more. Success all round and even after a late start this morning i was in Arthur’s Pass around lunch time.

Collected my food box at the DoC office and the awesome staff there were happy to put my power bank on charge.

Went across the road to a big shelter and sorted out my food, so glad I sent some extra delicious snacks here so i didn’t need to buy anything for too much money at the small shop.

Did treat myself to a steak and cheese pie and caught up with Wieke, Oli and a few others at the Alpine Store.

The weather was atrocious , and I had heard of some other terrifying news that the local kea were ripping tents trying to get food at the campground. No thanks, that’s too risky.

I enquired a bit further at the DOC office and then decided against setting my tent up there.

I would’ve just got a bed at the hostel, but all the beds in the pass [in my price range] were full up. Crap.

Didn’t worry for long though as after some map and track note reading, realised there was a DoC hut very close to the trail picking up where I left off .

Stood in the pouring rain, full rain gear and stuck out my thumb. Immediately, the first car stopped and I learnt all about stone carving from Nick from Motueka, a painter working for a few weeks in Arthur’s Pass. Thanks you legend for the ride!

Back on trail and the rain had fizzled to a mere mist and I arrived at tidy warm Bealey hut around 5ish. I want expecting any beds left and already scouting for a tent spot, but others who indicated they were heading this way hadn’t showed up so there was just three of us!

Was a great night , Dan & Liv showed up later and what a bonus to be sleeping in a dry , free bed while the rain pelted outside.

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