TA Day 108 – Water from the sky

Today- 2km on trail , then off trail in Mt CookRain poured all night but I was cosy in my tent and sleeping bag. Woke up and had another lazy morning, then after coffee and breke , it was time to go to Mt Cook!Gone were the views of yesterday but Mt Cook loomed behind all of the moody clouds. Lake Pukaki was incredibly blue still, the colour is amazing!After finding a rubbish bin and topping up our water bottles we walked another km up the road to the turn off to Mt Cook. It was already much cooler than it had been, and we got picked up in about 3 seconds by a nice Dutch couple heading to Mt Cook for the day.It’s much better to hitchhike with two people rather than three, because most people will have room for one or two.When we arrived it was extremely fresh weather. Time for fifty layers and gloves.Checked out the info centre which was really cool like a museum and heaps of information about mountaineering and the area.Decided to go see Tasman Lake, and the glacier had recently carved icebergs and we could see that even in crap weather.To get to Tasman Lake was 10km but a nice German couple picked us up immediately and then we were all of a sudden on the most groomed, graded trail ever.We looked like those overkill hikers, big backpacks, Emeric has a huge camera, trekking poles, on a 20min loop track you could have worn Jandels on.We decided to scramble near the moraine a bit and cut across from Tasman lake to a view point which was sweet.Cool seeing the icebergs, everything was a bit moody and it would have been cool to see the other side of the cloud but I’ll save that for next time.It had been crazy raining in Mt Cook village but it seemed the weather was more chill here in this valley.We ate a delicious lunch , made the best wrap every with nutella, fresh banana, and an oreo. Yes please .I was keen to go meet my mates so we headed back, Emeric found out Dylan had made it with his buddies so I will probably see them in Geraldine tommorrow again.Met Nick and Bree and had an awesome afternoon catching up for hours. They made an epic meal of chicken Parma and we went to their local for a pint with a view out the window.They are heading off on their NZ road trip, so I was able to give them some pointers about the next part of their trip. So good to see you guys!!I heard that the others were planning to go to Mueller hut for sunrise since the weather had turned awesome, so even though I was pretty tired, what the heck, I’m in Mt Cook. So after an awesome night with friends set my alarm for 445am. Let’s see what tommorrow brings!

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