TA Day 112 – Can’t always be 100%

Today-32km from Twizel to Lake Middleton campsite

Total- 2462.4km

Woke up after a pretty good sleep in the Hobbit house. Ended up having a late one by hiker standards, midnight!!

Said goodbye to Dylan and cruised into town. We resupplied at the Twizel 4square, then sorted out all our food on the grass outside.

And then we started seeing so many TA hikers! We are Myriam [ FR] and Valeria [Austria] ! Yay! I last saw Myriam in Taumaranui and Valeria in Queen Charlotte. Both awesome people. We met some of the group they had been walking with.

It was pretty late already, but felt so lazy. I got a really good steak and cheese pie and then we finally rolled out of town.

We left town and walked litrally only 300m before stopping at this food truck and getting burgers and chips for lunch. Yup, it was gunna be one of those days.

Slammed my burger, and then finally we decided to leave Twizel. Walked about 3km to the junction and then Emeric said we could shave off two kms if we took the different side of the canal. I was tired, and was like yup sure.

Then we saw Bambi! Was so friendly and didn’t want to leave.

Walked another few km, was feeling lazy and sluggish. We were both in the same boat so then decided to have a nap. We were out so fast.

It was after 3 leaving our nap spot and still had 22km to walk.

We went the wrong way twice on our “short cut” and so probably was a longer route than the original ha ha.

We trundled along, still in good spirits despite being tired.

It was nice scenery, and thank goodness easy walking for being so tired.

We got to the junction with Lake Ohau and saw Myriam and Valeria and their group setting up camp. We decided to stay, and then after looking at what that would mean for tommorrow, we decided to push on.

The last 11km were okay, we both just wanted to be there today. I was pooped.

It was beautiful walking around the lake in the evening. Really nice place. Starting to get some Wanaka vibes for sure.

We propelled ourselves on with the thought of food and sleeping bags and soon enough we only had 3km to go.

Smashed it! Arrived at the beautiful DOC campsite in daylight still, set up tents, cooked delicious pasta and went to bed. I was out like a light.

Tommorrow definately wanting to have a shorter chill day so we will see how that goes.

Its pretty amazing though that feeling tired and sluggish and not leaving town till like 1.30pm we still did 32km including naps and breaks. The body is amazing!!

After having such an amazing last week, we knew a day like today was coming. We were in such good spirits still despite not really wanting to walk. Cant have perfect days every day!

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