TA Day 119- Hello Rain

Today – 22.8km from Roses Hut to Arrowtown

Total- 2638km

Roses hut was beautiful, just like the other two huts on the track. I slept well, despite some people sleeping like crap due to a full hut. Some people dont like the huts but I’m always thankful for a mattress and a shelter and not having to set my tent up.

A few people were flapping over the fact there was meant to be some rain this afternoon, but I wasnt fussed, we would see.

Time to climb mountains!! Headed straight up the first climb of the day, Roses saddle which was just behind the hut.

We gained the ridge then sidled across and up.

Took some classic funny snaps on the top of the mountain with Emeric.

Heading down, ran into Emma and Eric, and then a northbounder and had some good chats . Descended pretty swiftly down to the Arrow river.

After crossing a small stream then heading uphill, I checked my track notes and saw we had overshot the turnoff for the river bed route, so we crossed the river and then decided it was time for cheese break.

Wieke, Emma and Eric and Dan caught up and joined us for a break, then it was wet feet time!! We splashed our way down the river, sometimes on a side track, lots of the time just in the river.

Found some blackberries , delicious!!

An hour or so later we arrived , wet feet but happy into Macetown, which is full of old gold mining relics including this cool stone hut.

It was lunch time, apparently for the sandflies too. And there was a bit of drizzle starting so the raincoats went on.

Emeric, Wieke and I continued after lunch and climbed the Big Hill saddle, the track into Arrowtown.

The ascent was straightforward and despite some notes where people had found the track barely marked or hard tofollow, I found it pretty easy to follow and marked with lots of orange poles.

It was a bit grey and dull at the top, but awesome views on the way up and down towards Arrowtown and we took our time descending, winding in and out of the forest and down towards Arrowtown.

The rain got heavier and the ground slicker as we descended so had to watch our footing.

I nearly bailed but caught myself just in time, laughing, and then saw that E had nearly done the same thing just in front.

Like drowned rats we entered Arrowtown, and found our way to the Foursquare for chips and beer, and then went to meet Nina who was kindly having us to stay.

Awesome evening catching up with Nina [different to Wanaka Nina] who is one of my best mates I met in Canada.

Looking forward to some r & r tommorrow!

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