Across the ditch and far away…. hello from ‘straya mate!


Howdy team and welcome to my life! Ive decided to share some scribbles on my Australian adventure. I’ve created this blog so everyone can join in on my journey and see how I’m going from time to time. I can’t promise I’ll write often, but who knows, maybe I will. For those of you reading about my adventure for the first time – I have just finished 3.5 awesome years of study, work, party and adventure at The University of Auckland in New Zealand and now have left on the first of what a I’m sure will be many travels, to Melbourne to live and work for a while. My boyfriend and partner in crime, Tom, and myself are excited and chilled out all at the same time now that we have arrived. I’m looking forward to all the wonder and amazement that is to be dived, climbed, hiked, biked and snowboarded in the next few months. Obviously, things like finding a roof over our heads and some paid work are just other things to keep in mind. Join me for the ride – I swear it won’t be boring !

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