Intro To Adventure

Hi team!

If you don’t already know I’m obsessed with the outdoors! I love giving new things a go, and while I haven’t got around to a few key pursuits, such as rock climbing and surfing (next on my list) I am very fortunate to get amongst all the coolest activities out!

Snowboarding is my winter jam, and probably numero uno on my list of sports to improve at this coming season. Nothing better than a bluebird day! 

Mt Ruapehu you beaut

Mountains are majestic. From a young age, and heavily influenced by my just-as-adventuresome father, I would zoom around on my bike, which lead to a love of mountain biking. Afternoons trailing through the forest, with a winding path ahead and the wind at my back, this is still one of my favourite activities. Trail riding in New Zealand is at its best – more and more tracks upgraded, built and ridden than ever before. WEEEEEEHOOOOOO.

Taupo , NZ

A long time fan of the outdoors, and a student, who is always keen for a sport which doesn’t entail empty pockets all of the time. Tramping (or hiking – whatever everyone but kiwis call it) is a favourite. And why wouldn’t it be with so much green to explore !

Weekend in Whirinaki Forest, NZ

One of my favourite outdoor passions is also my newest, and least experienced pursuit. I had the opportunity a few years ago to do my diving license and since then I have never looked back. Although it can often be expensive and takes practise to get the hang of it, diving has truly opened up a whole new world to me, and taught me things about the ocean and the world that I could never even dream of! I can’t wait to continue diving all around the world, and exploring wrecks and a look into the world beneath us.

Chilling with Nemo in Fiji
Chilling with Nemo in Fiji

So there you have it ! An intro into my exciting fields of adventure. Be sure to check out my tips & favourite adventures. See you soon!

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  1. Hey great start Courtz. Site is lookin good and I would expect as time goes by that more of your adventure travels will appear for all to sample. I look forward to it!! Dad


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