TA Day 1 – This is it!


Today- 12.2km from Cape Reinga to Twilight beach camp.

Total walked 12.2km

So far, so good. After a wonderful night staying at the nearby DOC campsite at Cape Reinga, Tom dropped me up at the Cape fairly early as he had to start his journey back to Auckland.

Thanks Tom you legend 🙂

Did I mention it was windy at the top of the North Island?

A few emotions flying around, I couldn’t quite believe I was actually taking my first steps on such a big goal. Yay!

Knowing that high tide was awkwardly at around 11am, I took the mandatory start photos and headed off. About 20 mins later I came to the little beach that I hung out at for the next few hours .

At high tide, the little rock scramble section to get around to the next beach was treacherous, and I had all day ahead of me so I put my feet up and relaxed.

The day was super hot, sticky and humid, and the wind was intense!

After I got around the bit negotiated after the tide had chilled out a bit, it was beach walking for two easy kms. Beautiful views back towards Cape Reinga.

Then it was sand dune time, the trail takes you over hill and then you follow a small ridge then drop back down to the beach, Twilight beach. The beach walking was a good taste of the 90km to come.

My feet and body feel good. I am used to carrying my pack so am pleased no aches and pain so far.

My new boots that I wore in are doing great, lightweight and comfortable and dry feet for night one! What a treat.

Arrived at Twilight camp and settled in for the night. Did some stretching and loads of cups of tea. Pleased to see the rainwater tank had plenty of water.

Apparently theres loads of pesky possums in this place.

Watch this space for whether or not my food survives the night.

There are a couple of others here tonight as well. Everyone is tired and getting ready for the beach tommorrow!

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