Day 2- The Beach


Today 28km Twilight Camp to Maunganui Bluff

Total 40.3km

Today was the day of the beach.

After a successful sleep where my tent held up against serious wind and rain, and no possums nicked my food, I was ready to see what this 90mile beach was all about.

The trail negotiates a headland then after about 100 stairs hits 90mile beach.

Being near high tide i was going to walk a couple of km then if the tide was getting too high to safely walk I would head up and find a spot for a midday snooze .

For half the day i had the beach, the dunes, and a small island to look at.

Then at lunch I passed the small island and it was just me and the beach.

Until out of nowhere something moving faster than a human appeared. A horse? A dog? No, this was a car! Having a merry time out for a Saturday beach drive .

Soon a bus followed and over the course of the next 10 kms about 10 more cars passed, all of them giving friendly waves and keeping well out of the way. Classic Northland weekend activity.

Beach walking is interesting. You either go really slow and struggle with every step or you have some sort of really decent rhythm and this carries you through kms before you even know it.

My body did well on the beach and my mind did too. I listened to a bit of music after lunch to help with my post lunch fatigue. I did have a bit of a moment at the end of my lunch where there was sand everywhere I wanted to put sunblock and I got cranky.

My feet are still doing excellent. Highly recommend rubbing vaseline/antichafe on your feet [free them from sand and dry first] and then slipping the socks on. Choice.

The wind and the sun were so intense today. The wind was fighting every footstep , and so I’m stoked that I feel pretty good after a bit of a hundy day. Although the beach is flat, it can cause unsuspecting havoc on your body and feet. I’ve been trying to work on my posture a little using my poles.

Got to camp early enough to enjoy some pre dinner chilling, cup of tea and scroggin. French couple rocked up who casually came 40km from Cape Reinga, impressive on their Day 1!

Small group of us here tonight. Looking forward to hitting Utea Park tommorrow night to meet some awesome locals.

Sunset was epic!

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