TA Day 3 More Beach

Today 30km The Bluff – Utea Park

Total 70.3km

More beach! Sad news, my headphones stopped working yesterday. So no music on the beach.

Good news is that randomly there was heaps of cars and people on the beach. It was a local clubs surf casting competition to catch fish.

Stopped for loads of good chats with some lovely people. Made the day go by that’s for sure.

Today’s views were beautiful. We had the dunes to the left, the beach straight ahead, and the waves to the right. Oh and the sky up above.

The wind was a lot less intense thank goodness and not as hot today. My feet are tired but no blisters still, yay!

Was walking along and thought I saw something up ahead, not a car or a human, I thought it looked like horses but thought my beach eyes were playing tricks on me, but it was!

I stopped for a chat with a local bloke and he confirmed yup, wild horses live in the forest. Exciting.

Was super stoked to arrive at Utea Park, at Hukatere. Tania & Pauly D are extremely welcoming and go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need. They have seen it all with the walkers, and have some good stories.

Looking forward to some beach company with Sarah, from the US tommorrow, we are going to start the day with one of Tania’s famous smoothies.

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