TA Day 10 – A true treat

Today – 21km Puketi Recreation campsite – Kerikeri holiday park

Total 227.4km

What a wonderful day of suprises.

Here’s one of Sarah and I trying on Marta and Jasper’s Aarn Packs which help with weight and load distribution – good for posture!

The track today was firstly over rolling farmland where we said hi to loads of sheep and some cows.

We set off this morning feeling refreshed and tramped as a group of four all day , Marta & Jasper and myself and Sarah. Some of the others with injuries found a ride to Kerikeri to have a rest day.

The sun was hot and beating down on us as we crossed stiles from farm paddock to paddock.

We were treated to views of the east coast, reminding us that we had travelled quite a distance! It was awesome to see the ocean ahead, knowing that we had crossed from west to east.

After successfully avoiding a big herd of cows, we found a lovely spot for lunch.

Relaxing was the order of today and we enjoyed lots of nice breaks. The track then followed the Kerikeri river , and we got some fun on our first swingbridge of the trail.

The Kerikeri river is so beautiful, and we soon stopped for another break, and went for a swim. Our bodies all felt better after a refreshing fresh water swim in such a scenic spot.

Rolling forward we came across some others that we know from the trail, and stopped again at the scenic Rainbow falls just shy of Kerikeri.

We are in a cute little 5 bunk cabin at the holiday park tonight, and after pizza and a beer and lots of snacks I’ve been figuring out my plan for the next section with food and camping and weather. It’s coming along!

Tommorrow I’m looking forward to visiting the Waitangi treaty grounds em route to Paihia where we will sort out hopefully kayaking the next day.

Had an amazing day with the group, and thankful that my body is feeling good.

Lots of people are carrying ailments that have been worsened by that harshness of the last few sections.


  1. Hey Courtney, I’ve just had a read of all of your posts from Day 1 to Day 10 to catch up on each days activities, since arriving back from my trip. Absolutely enjoyed reading the fabulous, exciting and thrilling account of your “big walk” so far. Keep up the good work my darling girl in terms of the way in which everything is unfolding each day – which is all due to your meticulous planning before, during and after each leg of the trail. Enjoy your time in the holiday park at Kerikeri and best of luck for the new day ahead.

    Love & kisses, Mumma Moo! (Sun 19/11/18)


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