TA Day 9 – Rolling roads

Today – 32.3km Apple Dam to Puketi Recreation Area

Total 205.3km

Whoop ! Cracked the big 200km today. It was pretty long today, but I walked solo and really enjoyed my day. My feet seemed happy to do some walking today so I was keeping fairly good time.

Due to Kauri Dieback affecting the Omahuta & Puketi forests there is an alternative which takes you on farm roads around some ridges in the northern end of the forests, and some quite good views opened up.

Saw some huge Kauri!

The bush was beautiful. Loads of lush greens and birdsong bringing the walk to life.

Had a really decent hour and a half lunch break just enjoying my rest time. Lunch today was the last of the cucumber with cheese and salami, and some crumbled rice cracker crumbs , delicious!

A couple of km before camp there was a Kauri interpretive trail and so I took that, it was worth it – such nice forest and a great way to finish the day.

The team rolled in and we have a great little spot here at Puketi campground, a wonderful place with even a cold shower!

Nice to spend some time with my new mates. Also, it is so interesting seeing what comes out of our backpacks, often the campsite just looks like an explosion of backcountry and tramping gear.

On to Kerikeri tommorrow for some more food and maybe even a bed!

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