TA Day 13 – Here comes the rain

Today 24km Russell Forest to Helena Bay

Total – 296.6km

Cant believe nearly at the 300km mark. The last few days have flown by, and so many awesome people have come and gone leaving their mark.

We were walking up the road into the Russell Forest to find a campsite when the lovely Phillipa came and invited us to camp on her property down by the river.

After a restless night sleep with weird noises all around, including a horse wading up the river in the moonlight [ full moon shenanagans?] We woke to an overcast sky.

Walking through the first bit of the Russell Forest was eerie, junk in a few places and just a bit odd.

The first few kms were up a stream, a beautiful clear one with lush forest all around.

Concentration was important though, as the rocks and pebbles were slippery.

After a couple of hours of enjoyable stream wading, we popped out at a shelter where we got warm and dry and had an early lunch.

I’ve been eating really well, this time I was more careful with how heavy my good was, as it was so dense last time. But carrying cheese and ham and cucumber meant a delicious fresh lunch.

The rest of the afternoon blurred into a mix of 4WD track walking and road walking into Helena Bay.

Good company with Sarah and Jasper and Marte, we played brainteasers and logic puzzles and the afternoon flew by.

We had heard about a trail angel in Helena Bay, and sure enough, Jock invited us in , told us to make ourselves at home and we had a cold speights out of the fridge.

We could camp for free on his lawn but decided to take the generous offer of a $10 bed and shower to warm up after a day of rain.

Thanks Jock! Heaps of classics yarns and stories filled the evening, and loved seeing the little slice of paradise you get to call home.

Tommorrow heading south!

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