TA Day 14 – Just Lovely

Today – 23.1km From Helena Bay to Whananaki


Over 1/10th of the trail today!

Good views and walking today. We did the Helena Bay ridge track and Morepork/Onekainga tracks to take us down to Whananaki.

Originally I thought I would do a much bigger day but started chilling out on the trail enjoying the views so decided to take it easy.

Lots of up and down and up today – NZ doesn’t really get the switchback concept so I think our legs are all gunna get in shape sooner rather than later.

The Helena Bay track took me up onto the ridge and had great viewpoints of the coast, some big cows, and beaut native bush. Lovely.

We dried our tents by flying them like kites at a morning tea break on the top of a windy hill, hanging onto them for dear life – losing the tent fly would be an expensive and inconvenient mistake that’s for sure.

A few obstacles to navigate on the trail included a big tree and also a fairly slippy mjd slide to the steam crossing.

Today I noticed that the hiker hunger is kicking in. I’ve been eating pretty good, but now I just want to keep eating all.the.time.

Lunch consists of two wraps with delicious stuff in them plus a various assortment of snacks and crackers and dried fruit. I probably consume 4 bars during the day and scroggin and chocolate .

Today’s tramping was all on tracks which was sweet, giving us a day off roads which can be hard on the feet. Had a super leisurely lunch break and then had post lunch sluggishness up the next hills.

Pulled into the Whananaki Holiday park, unfortunately the fish and chip shop was already closed but made ourselves huge dinners which were inhaled.

The estaury is really pretty here and looking forward to tomorrows footbridge crossing.

One comment

  1. Great to read up on the last 3 days highlights. Kayak trip a great success and Dans safety briefing so worthwhile and essential
    The Russell Forest leg ending at Jocks cottage for a bed shower and beer-and the generosity of all the trail angels and others along the way becoming a real feature Well done on 300 ! And now 10%. Hiker hunger fully appreciated.!!


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