TA Day 15 – Food and more food

Today – 14km from Whananaki to Clements Rd

Total- 334km

Today was all about fish and chips for lunch in Matapouri. I took a nice short day today as some of my friends kindly offered a bed at their bach in Matapouri, thanks Guy & Kirsten!

We started the day with a walk over the longest foot bridge in the Southern Hemisphere, and enjoyed beautiful morning light.

The Whananaki coastal walk was just lovely, winding its way through the fields with views of the coastal bays.

Also in sight were the Poor Knights islands where I have done a bit of Scuba Diving.

We were on the road for a few short kms before finding ourselves at the fish and chip shop for lunch. The Matapouri Bay store had a really good selection of goodies – but expensive but enough selection to see you through if needed.

Fish and Chips for lunch and then a couple of easy km to my friends house. Spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying doing nothing.

Theres weather coming through in the next few days so I’m just going to play it by ear to see how I go. Theres estaury and river crossings.

Tommorrow I’m going to get up at a reasonable hour and tramp down to Ngungaru to meet James, who picks us up and has a wonderful camp at Nikau Bay. I will either chill there for the day and relax and camp there or push on and do some tidal dependent tramping in the afternoon. We will see!

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