TA Day 18- Drizzle and Thunder

Today – 32.4 km From the Green Bustop camp to Waipu Cove

Total 417.5 km

That’s right folks. Officially passed 400km. Hard to believe but every day just moving ahead little by little south.

Today we had one last water crossing – the Whangerei Harbour from Reotahi Bay to Marsden pt.

I had messaged Peter, a local guy who was going to take my group over, and we did 5km in the morning on the road leading to Reotahi bay. Stunning views of the bays and across to the big refinery.

Peter picked us up and we had good chats, he really enjoys helping the walkers and was reminiscing about his own adventure days. Thanks Peter!

In no time at all we had zipped across to Marsden Pt and were back on the road to Ruakaka as unfortunately we couldn’t take the beach route as it was high tide.

Some keen cows followed us along the fence line of their paddock, very intrested.

It was easy walking today, helped by multiple stops for snacks and treats at the dairys and stores en route. Icecream for breke 🙂

The tide didn’t work out to cross the Ruakaka river so we picked up the trail in Ruakaka and hit the beach.

Thunder was rolling around and the rain started but wasn’t too crazy, and we flew down the beach. Moody weather behind us and looking back to Bream Head I was glad I wasn’t up there today.

Rolled into Waipu just in time to find shelter from the rain that came down super heavy for 20mins, and then when it lightened off it was away to the 4square for some snacks for dinner and the next day.

Looking forward to walking into Mangawhai tommorrow , I spent a lot of time in my teenage years there and know it pretty well.

Tonight I’m in Waipu Cove in a cozy little cabin, clean laundry and hot showers and a bed, luxury!

Have been very lucky with the weather , and timing.

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