TA Day 19- Beaches and Baches

Today – 24.7km from Waipu Cove to Mangawhai Heads

Total- 442.6km

Chill day today walking into Mangawhai. Slept like a log at the campground in Waipu Cove, such friendly staff and they give a really decent TA hiker discount – only $15 for a bed!

Was able to do laundry and life chores there, it was a treat putting clean clothes on after the shower.

This is the hikers life where you get offered a shower and you clean and scrub your body free of the sweat dirt and whatever else then put on your dirty clothes again. So it’s like a double win!

Luckily so far we have had heaps of showers and friendly people offering beds and passing through some holiday parks. Really makes a difference being able to get warm and dry and dry out all your wet gear.

Bit drizzly and rainy today so had the raincoat on and off a bit.

I’ve been walking with the same people for a while now, Jasper & Marte from the Netherlands and Sarah from the US [California]. All of us have been having a wonderful time and usually make camp together and walk more or less together, or join up during the day. Getting to know these people has been a very special part of the trip. We all come from different backgrounds but have found common ground and are enjoying each others company very much.

A little bit about the team –

Jasper and Marte – An amazing couple who have just finished their PhDs in Chemistry, have hiked extensively in Europe & Australasia and have a great outlook on life and the trail. Much better at logic puzzles than the average human, and Marte loves penguins [Hi Phillip!], and Jasper is a very talented photographer. Check out their well written blog at http://www.bobfzbl.com

Next up, Sarah, also a very talented photographer – check her out at http://www.skywilliamsphotography.com who has been my bud since 90 mile beach. Sarah has an amazing eye for capturing good shots in the light and we have shared some awesome chats on the trail about life and the future. I feel like I’ve known Sarah for way longer than a couple of weeks, and am loving all of our shared experiences. Thanks for spreading the joy mate!

Aaron is another awesome human who has been on trail with us on and off. Unfortunately he had a bit of an injury and foot trouble so is taking some well deserved rest and we will catch up with him down the line. Aaron has a passion for bartending and knows way more than your average gin and tonic. He also has an epic positive attitude and will crack a smile at the end of a long hard day. See you soon bro!

The Langview track followed a beautiful forest and through some private property with awesome views back to Bream Head where we had been a couple of days ago.

It’s pretty cool being able to see where you have been and also where you are going.

The Mangawhai coastal track was absolutely stunning. I had heard good things, and it didn’t disappoint.

I have spent a lot of time in this area growing up so it was really neat to be walking into familiar territory.

The views expanded quite the way south down the beach and the familiar shape of Great Barrier Island in the distance was a reminder we are really moving south closer to Auckland now.

Strolling into Mangawhai Heads I found a burger pretty quickly and washed it down with a massive scoop of icecream.

Next up was getting some supplies for dinner, and checked my phone and my Dad surprised me with a message saying he had driven up to say hello. Awesome to see you! 🙂

Mangawhai is a nice short 1 hour 15 from Auckland, and it was awesome to catch up over a couple of cold ones for a few hours .

Thanks George [younger sis Rebecca’s partner] and family for generously letting me use your bach this evening, legends!

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