TA Day 20 – Time Flies

Today – 26.1km From Mangawhai Heads to Pakiri

Total – 468.8km

Woke up this morning and didn’t know if I wanted to get going or not! So far havent had any days where i havent wanted to walk, and today was no different, I was excited to hike but it was the danger of having a comfy bed….

Cruisy day today down to Mangawhai Village for some shopping for the next few days food, pizza bread for second breke and thanks to Jasper and Marte for the delicious morning tea treats from the bakery.

Some backpack trying on also occured. Jasper at nearly 2m makes my pack look mini!

It was really cool strolling through Mangawhai, down memory lane for me as I spent many awesome years hanging out with one of my oldest and bestest friends Joy, as we toiled in our teenage years.

Passing the bridge we used to jump off and the fish and chip shop that was the local, and walking all the way to the local surf beach out at Te Arai Point.

The beach was just as beautiful as I remembered, and after a short stint with wet legs crossing a river , lunch was in order before dropping down to the beach for the remainder of the afternoon.

I listened to some music on the beach, for only the 3rd time since starting walking, and boy does my pace increase when I’m jamming to some good tunes.

The beach sped by and soon enough I had crossed the Pakiri stream and caught the attention of an interested kiwi bloke called Peter, who was visiting from his now home in Perth, Australia.

We had a lovely chat and with some words of encouragement from him it was a short hop over to the Pakiri Holiday Park for the evening.

Nice place. Planning on an early start to get into the Dome Forest tommorrow, and to the cafe before it closes.

I cant believe I’ve been on trail for 20 days now. Its interesting because the route passes through many towns and luxuries, but at the same time, I’ve still walked over 450km.

Starting to formulate my plan of attack for Auckland. Highlights will include loads of eating and some rest and looking forward to catching up with my partner Tom and the family.

It’s been an amazing 20 days so far, and cant wait to see what the next 20 look like!

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