TA Day 32 – The Tron

Today 26km from Ngaruawahia to Dinsdale, Hamilton


Today passed the 1/4 way mark! Crazy! Just kind of snuck up on me.

This morning I got going fairly early again to get into Hamilton and decide what I wanted to do, either stay there or push onwards. Needed to resupply at Pak n Save, eat alllll the food and get some new underwear.

The 20kms into Hamilton was along the Te Ara cycleway, including the epic new green Perry Bridge which only opened in the last year or so.

Had some really nice chats with locals along the way.

Beautiful easy walking trail along the river banks.

Was walking with two French girls who are also travelling solo.

Had arranged to meet a guy in Hamilton whose tripod I found on the trail a few days ago, and a girl who’d been hiking the last few days the same as me knew them and we all got massive burgers for lunch! Yum.

Next up was food buying for the next stretch to Te Kuiti. As usual ended up buying way too much food but not too bad. Lots of delicious snacks!

The afternoon sped away and I ended up getting in touch with Murray, a kiwi Trail Angel who has a cool cabin and tent space for hikers just 6km from Hamilton central right on the trail.

Had a lovely evening eating, and exchanging stories with Murray and his wife Catherine.

Murray has section hiked loads of the North Island, so had some good info on what was to come.

Thanks for the amazing dessert guys!

Unfortunately my feet are not doing that great, it would appear that the tops of my toes are rubbing on my shoes but I dont notice it while I’m walking. Luckily the soles and feet themselves are doing fine. Funny how this only happens after 1/4 of the trail!!


  1. Might be time to get some supplies for the tops of your toes to help heal them and pad them a bit for when you are walking. You were on the right track a day or so ago when I saw a photo with you wearing your jandals – try and get fresh air on your feet as much as you can. I hope they are not too painful for you and that they heal up quickly.
    Have a great day tomorrow.


  2. Hmmm. Have to keep close eye on feet….
    Perry bridge looked great and the Trail Angels really stepping up along the way.
    Good luck on next leg to Te Kuiti


  3. Just caught up by email reading all your TA posts in pretty much one go. Great travelogue and photos. Look forward to reading about your ongoing travels, won’t leave it a month next time!


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