TA Day 33 – Cruising

Today- 32.3km from Hamilton to Kaniwhaniwha campsite

Total- 797.3km

Today was so sweet. Woke up at the Trail Angel Kathryn and Murrays place after a fab night sleep, and took my time packing up and enjoying coffee. Thanks again guys for your amazing kindness and hospitality.

This morning checked out some trees in the arboretum before doing some stile and paddock tramping before some road into Whatawhata.

Was feeling really good today, and not rushing, although planned to probably do about 30km just going a nice easy pace and enjoying the walk.

It got hot really quickly and the humidity was intense out in the exposed sections of farmland.

Treated myself to a coffee in Whatwhata, delicious and then kept on, and made my first navigational error of the day.

Ended up down a river bank off trail which was stupid because I looked at it and thought no… and then looked for the track and then thought I saw it and went down this marshy bank toward the river. After not finding the trail, came back up and walked five metres and found a sneaky little TA marker. Classic.

Lots of farmland and Stiles to get those legs working today.

A few road sections in between but nothing major. Really enjoyed the trail today despite the tracks being nothing special.

Stopped for a solid lunch and Myriam, a French girl who is walking ahead of behind me as we are a similar pace, joined shortly after. Then met Ben and Amy , and awesome Kiwi couple from Welly that I’ve been getting to know this evening.

After some solid tortilla nutrition and a peanut slab, I powered on through the next bit. The landscape is changing and this area is full of limestone, cave country šŸ™‚

Got a wee bit occupied with chatting and watching the sassy sheep in one paddock and accidentally followed a sheep track instead of the actual track. Turned around only to see the markers going in the opposite direction. Oops.

The rest of the afternoon meandered on and then entered the Nikau Walk which led to the Kaniwhaniwha DOC campsite where myself and loads of others are tonight, at the base of the climb to the summit tommorrow.

I’m just having a half day tommorrow so that I can stay at the hut, and have a sleep in and a chill afternoon enjoying the forest and mountain.

It’s the first hut of the trail and meant to be a nice one. Could be a party up there tommorrow as theres about 10-15 here at the camp tonight.

The campsite is awesome, a beautiful stream running through it and had a river wash and dip before dinner tonight.

I saw the signs for the Kaniwhaniwha cave on the way into camp so went with Amy to check them out after dark in search of glowworms. Definately not disappointed, there were heaps. Also cool walking through the forest at night.

This was a super friendly cow I met today

Cosy in my tent now, looking forward to Mt Pirongia tommorrow!


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