TA Day 36 – Half the North Island!

Today – 30.2km

Total 853.3km

Pleasant walking today. Headed out and hit some gravel road walking which meant the first couple of hours cruised by.

Caught up with Ben & Amy and spent the rest of the day walking with them, having great chats and enjoying the scenery.

The trail was varied from gravel road to farm track to nice forest today.

Passed the 850km mark, which means we are halfway down the North Island! Wow! Celebrated with some lollies 🙂

It’s funny, I am very used to walking now, but every now and then it will hit you, what we all have achieved so far. Woohoo!

Took a spill today walking down some mud and then was sitting down. Started laughing and couldn’t stop.

Walked into Waitomo with burgers on the brain and staying at the Hamilton tomo group cavers hut which is amazing.

The sock tan line is a wee bit out of control.

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