TA Day 37- Mixing it up

Today – 18km From Waitomo to Te Kuiti

Total- 871.2km

What a day of wonderful scenery.

Today the goal was to hike to Te Kuiti from Waitomo then try get a ride/bus to Whakapapa Village for some extra curricular tramping.

This mornings trail was up and down farmland, some slip n slide muddy downhills and bull dodging paddocks.

My friend Sarah had kindly messaged earlier to let a few of us know that we needed to be vigilant with orange triangle spotting [the trail markers] through today’s section as it was sometimes hard to see where to go.

With this in mind I was expecting to have some navigational blunders but kept aware and had no trouble wandering up and down the farmland towards Te Kuiti.

Lots of sassy sheep and interested cows today, sometimes I moo and baaaa at them.

There was some cool sections of forest throughout the open farm parts, and made for interesting walking.

But man it was hot!

Rolled into Te Kuiti andgot busy resupplying and hanging out on a nice grass patch sorting out food and gear with some hiker friends.

I’ve boosted down to Whakapapa village in National Park to do the Ruapehu Round the Mountain trail, as because I will be canoeing all the way from Taumaranui , not Whakahoro, i will miss the Tongariro and National Park section, while still making a continuous line south.

I’ll head back to Te Kuiti and pick up the trail again, timing it to meet my Dad and do the Timber Trail together and then head back to Auckland to spend some good rest time with family and Tom.

I’ve already done the Tongariro crossing a few times so decided to mix it up and tramp the Ruapehu circuit, which I’m really excited about as I haven’t done anything around Ruapehu in summer, only skied there in winter .

Stay tuned for the off – TA track report!

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