TA Day 42- To the Timber Trail!

Today – 4km

Little tiny bit of walking today, but a mostly enjoyable day off. Hung out at the holiday park a bit longer and then headed into Taumaranui to get a ride up to Te Kuiti.

Had good luck and a nice lady gave me a ride [Thanks Sue!] and man, the weather was so poor with really heavy rain.

After a solid pie in Te Kuiti and another ride later I was back on the trail walking towards my campsite for the night as t the start of the Timber Trail where I would meet my dad tommorrow.

I did a really cool Totara tree nature walk and enjoyed meeting another few TA hikers at the camp.

I spent the afternoon getting to know Italian Giulio who unfortunately had hurt his feet really badly from days of walking so was resting up.

Having a couple of relaxing days when the weather was poorer was a great way to recoup after my big Ruapehu walk. Also to have lots of energy for the coming days on the bike.

I was able to make a good dent in my book, and reflect on this section of trail so far.

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