TA Day 43- Timber Trail delights

Today – 40km by mountain bike from Timber Trail start to Piropiro

Total – 963 km

Yay! Today I met my dad Chris at the start of the Timber Trail and together we cruised the first half of the trail.

He had done a great job organising a bike for me and once I was comfortable we began to ride.

The first half of the day was a pretty big climb, up to Pureora. My legs took a while to get adjusted to being on a bike, and same with the rest of my body!

The Timber Trail is a beautiful bike trail with in most parts a wide track and its nicely graded for biking. In the heat it was still hard work getting to the summit but we rewarded ourselves with a big lunch when up there.

The forest was spectacular, and the bird song was everywhere.

We crossed all the awesome swing bridges in the afternoon and did some sweet descents.

The rain did greet us heavily for a ten minute spell but we donned our rain gear and had a short break and then it settled.

It was awesome to catch up with Dad and we enjoyed a lovely evening treating ourselves at the Timber Trail Lodge.

Dad and I were really impressed with the lodge, they really know mountain bikers and what they need and want.

The riding was fantastic and apart from being a bit sore from sitting on a bike for the first time in probably a year [!] My body felt in really good shape.

The lodge staff and other guests were nice, and with a decent day of riding under our belts we enjoyed kicking back, eating the delightful food and relaxing for the evening.

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