TA Day 55 – Cruising into Whanganui

Today – 20km from Hipango Park to Whanganui

After a pleasant evening last night with everyone, woke this morning to a light drizzle , more of a mist, and packed the barrels one last time and packed up the canoes and kayak.

Hipango park is a wonderful spot done by the council, with a big shelter and tables and loads of room for tents.

We got going early with the mindset to pull over and relax riverside if we found we were being affected by the tide.

The tide was no issue and the 4 hours into whanganui breezed away while we all chatted and enjoyed the morning.

As we were paddling closer to town a steamboat came down the river and we heard the guy talk about us to the waving tourists on the steam boat.

And just like that our river journey came to an end and we pulled into the Whanganui Holiday park, greeted by a lovely sign and friendly people.

Afternoon was filled with showers and washing and tent drying and gear sorting. And shenanigans as we all remembered how to pack our backpacks

Had a wonderful afternoon and evening relaxing and enjoying the place.

The lovely people at the hol park gave us all a ride into town, where dinner [fat maccas feed] and snack buying commenced.

With washing done, food consumed and all tents and gear dried, looking forward to what’s coming in the next few days.


  1. A final river leg thoroughly enjoyed as you could sense the end of this section and how great it has been. Unforgettable and great company
    Fotos really cap it off


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