TA Day 54 – Wind and Strong arms

Today – 33km paddling from the Flying Fox to Hipango park

Well, today was definately longer than expected.

We had been told about four hours paddling to our destination so after a late night last night we relaxed and layed in, a lazy breke and then packed up and set off.

The first couple of hours we relaxed, paddling a bit as there was little current.

Interesting to note how the river is wider and slower and the vegetation and scenery changed.

Jasper spotted a perfect lunch spot and we demolished our lunches.

After lunch it all got a bit harder. We hit some wind which was trying to push us back up river, and there was little to no current.

The river level had dropped over the last day or so too , and low means slow so we had a good arm workout today.

I have perfected my chill mode in the kiwi banana and often can be seen paddling steadily but in recline mode.

Finally we came around the corner and saw Hipango park, a sweet as campsite with a shelter and toilets, and once all the barrels had been lugged up there we enjoyed a nice evening with more hikers and lots of food.

The river has been super epic, I cant believe I’ve paddled over 200km! Definately getting stronger arms than before.

Tommorrow we have to wait for an outgoing tide as we go the last 20km into Whanganui.

One comment

  1. Your lil kiwi banana trip looks amazing! such a nice change from everything you’ve been doing so far. Happy new years! ❤ ❤ ❤


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