TA Day 63 – Zero Day at Nichols

Today – 0km

Zero Day in a 6 bunk hut!

The wind came up overnight and was really strong. Waking up to rain pelting down, it was not a day for ridge top mountain walking in gale force winds.

So I hunkered down in the bunk and tried to get more sleep.

A couple of others showed up after a wet morning of walking from dracophyllum hut to nichols hut, luckily that was mostly under the trees so not as exposed.

Also, a dog??? Appeared out of nowhere, apparently he had been hiking with some of the people and then disappeared with another group.

Another group decided to go out, despite the gale force winds and rain, to push to the next hut. Brrrrr.

I had an enjoyable day with the rest of the hut inhabitants, about 12 of us in a 6 bunk hut. Read my book, made tea, hiked upto the ridge to check weather and then enjoyed a nap. Sweet!

Oh, did I mention the viz was bad as well?

Hopefully tommorrow brings better weather but it was nice to relax in the hut and just chill out.

Some food bag inspections took place in order to make sure there was enough for the coming days.

Played cards and the others enjoyed some intense battles of cribbage [ The Europeans bet the Americans!]

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