TA Day 65- Sweet As

Today – 10km from Waitiwaewae Hut to Parawai Lodge


Started a little later today, enjoyed a small lie in and then got going about 10am. Decided to just head 10km to Parawai lodge, 5-7 hours away.

Followed an alternate route as there was a huge slip a while back.

The track today was in the bush but still pretty muddy and wet, but beautiful forest. No worries, mud can be cleaned.

I really enjoyed all the small streams and creeks , so magical when the sun streams through the forest.

I had a really good lunch stop and then continued on, and then the track came out of the bush and the grade changed into a lovely easy wide tramline track.

So good. Views were incredible, and it’s hard to believe I am so close to Wellington.

I’m really pleased I broke the last day into two days, enjoying swims in the river and the good hut life.

Arriving at Parawai lodge – not a lodge, actually a backcountry hut, I saw Iben, Ralph, and Laine , awesome! I thought they may have moved on earlier as Ibens leg was bothering her.

Laine had continued yesterday with Casey as she had to get out to catch a bus. So he had been into town and returned with all the goods, amazing!

He gave me an apple! Life is so good. Laine the Legend.

The four of us headed down to the river for a lazy arvo of swimming and reading and washing clothes.

So good!

Lots of TA hikers here tonight, as the backlog from the crap weather has meant everyone crossing over.

Also doing two shorter days means more hikers overlap.

To the cafe tommorrow! Only a mountain in between.

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