TA Day 73 – Beautiful Day in the Sounds

Today- 29.8km from Schoolhouse Bay to Bay of Many Coves

Total- 1721.4km

The sounds are epic! Absolute cracker of a day, with stunning scenery and nice swims.

Had a lie in and then left about 8.30am, and cruised the first few kms. Alredy it was hot and I could tell it was going to get even hotter.

I made sure to drink heaps of water and had loads of breaks, the body feeling a bit sluggish after a break and so much napping ha ha .

Passed some stunning viewpoints looking out at the Malbourough Sounds.

Easy walking track but it’s really hot so been taking it nice and easy.

Lots of beautiful bays for multiple swims and nice big Rimu trees.

Pretty sweet lunch spot!

Incredible viewpoint from Eatwells lookout, and I saw Sarah and her group there! Woohoo! Was super cool to see them, and they are staying at the same camp as me tonight.

The classic weka shot , these guys are so cheeky. Tonight during dinner on brazenly stole a bag of almonds, and one of couscous. We got them back but man, dont leave anything out!

Beautiful camping spot tonight, hidden on the ridge, looking out towards places we have walked during the day. Looking forward to tommorrow.

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