TA Day 74- Heat

Today – 31km from Bay of many coves to Davies Bay Camp

Total- 1752.7km

The heat wiped me out today. I drank so much water and needed to take lots of breaks in the shade. It was really hot!

The trail did a lot of up and downs today, starting with a climb straight from camp.

Was crossing over with a cycling couple quite a lot as the big hills they had to push their heavy bikes up. Hot work!!

This track is so well graded, even switchbacks!

I was finding it hard to get going today so I put some music on and that really helped. Arrived at a lookout point and caught up with Sarah and her group, and then kept going towards Black Rock camp. Had another wee break there then kept on.

Came out an hour or so later at a crossroads where all the others were having lunch and decided to keep going to make my lunch spot at a viewpoint at the top of the last big climb of the day.

It helped to have a stop halfway up, there were three kiwi guys who had walked the South Island northbound so I had a bit of a yarn to them and then kept on.

The sun was beating down and I was smashing back water, finally arrived at the most perfect lunch spot with a view. Yuss.

Had a feed then a bit of a nap, then kept on for a few more hours to camp.

Stopped for a cheeky snickers with a view then it was the last hour to go.

I really liked the last 4km , beautiful light coming through the bush downhill to camp.

Pulled into the most scenic camp! Right on the water. Went for a quick dip then set my tent up.

Time for dinner! Have been playing around with some different meal options this time, I’ve been doing thai green curry with couscous, that’s definately a favourite.

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