TA Day 90- Windy and Pleasant

Today 26km from Waiau Hut to Anne Hut

Total – 2022.2km

Today was a moody day. Woke up to low cloud on all the mountains and snuggled back into my sleeping bag

Had a leisurely morning, lovely cup of tea and headed out after 9am! Today was easy walking through the river valley, nice wide track and open views.

Struggled a little bit to get going this morning, my legs were on auto pilot but I felt like I wasn’t moving fast, even though I was going a good pace.

The weather was misty, sometimes trying to rain, and surprisingly cold at times .

Out in the open, the wind picked up and was a little chilly, I walked with my rain jacket and beanie on at times.

Some stream crossings every few kms today so wet feet.

Definately a bit tired after the big climb yesterday! Looking forward to some nice hut chillaxing.

After about 4km today crossed the 2000km mark! Wow. 2000km. No wonder I’m a wee bit pooped.

Celebrated with shoving some oreos in my face , it was a little too chilly to stop for long.

Lunch was my new favourite combo of nutella and salt & vinegar potato chips on a tortilla. And cheese and crackers. I’ve done super well with food this time, not too much, not too little considering I may have had to wait out some weather if I hadn’t had gone to Blue Lake the other day.

Caught up with Oli [France] and Eric and Emma [US] and we tramped the last few kms to Anne hut together.

Some good swingbridge action.

Climbed a tiny hill and there was the hut in the distance, a beautiful new clean 20bunker, absolute dream. Y favourite hut discovery was a frypan so after dinner I whipped up a couple of cheesy herb quesadillas to share with the team.

Had a solid nap sesh between 430- 6pm after second lunch of pasta.

Theres about 12 of us here tonight, and tommorrow some will head to Boyle Village to go to Hamner Springs. Someone left a few sips of whiskey in a bottle we shared and of course carried out the empty.

I’m not sure if I will have a half day and head to the next hut 6hours away or go all the way to the road.

I’m planning to go to Christchurch to get new shoes before my current ones go totally bust. They have served me so well!

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