TA Day 91- Valley Cruising

Today – 16.3km From Anne Hut to Boyle Flat hutTotal- 2038.5kmLeft the palace that was Anne Hut after a quick bench wipe and floor sweep , lazy morning about 9am this morning.A magical hut and location, I had a great night sleep here. Today was onwards on the St James Walkway, either to the next hut some 5-6hours away or to the road at Boyle Village.Gorgeous open valley views the whole day. Wandering down the pathway following the river, easy tramping and very enjoyable.I had already been thinking of having a half day to Boyle Flats hut, and that would put me on the road tommorrow at a good time for catching a ride into either Hamner Springs or Christchurch.This morning it was up and over Anne Saddle, the tamest climb I’ve done in a while. Beauty!Just here showing my affection for gigantic trail markers.Blue skies and no worries today!Had a nice chill out at Anne Saddle with some fellow hikers Ondi [US/Aussie] and Baptiste [Fr] at the saddle.This track is perfect for walking after the big climbs of the past week, ten days.I’m trying to decide whether to head to Christchurch to get new boots tommorrow or not. They have been choice for the whole time so far, but are starting to break on the side a bit. Cant really ask for a better deal, 2000km out of a pair of shoes, on hectic terrain.Lovely scenes all day.Stopped by the cute little Rokeby hut, a wee 3 bunker built in 1965 still in original condition. Stopped for a feed and nearly got eaten alive by sandflies, and swiftly moved on.Stopped to say hey to some of my Candian geese mates who were having a meeting on the riverbed.After a lovely short days walk, arrived at the swingbridge that took me to my home for the night.18 bunk Boyle Flat hut is great, beautiful wooden bunks and tables.Spent the rest of the afternoon getting some info off the two Northbounders about the upcoming sections.Time to relax!

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