TA Day 92- To the hot springs

Today – 14km from Boyle Flat Hut to Boyle VillageTotal – 2050kmToday was just a half day out to the main highway to go to Hamner Springs.Partway through the morning I decided that I wouldn’t be heading to Christchurch, I’d check out Hamner first and then maybe head in.My feet were like minds of their own this morning and I nearly tripped over them like 10 times.Some more nice valley walking but then lots of forest with some rooty bits to keep it interesting.The next few hours were fairly long, but I enjoyed when the landscape changed into rolling hills , we were definately crossing over into Canterbury soon! Lots of tussock, and I stopped for a while to check out some birds and relax with some snacks.Had to have a rescue mission with my phone when I stopped to take a photo as I accidentally dropped down a brushy bank.Heading down a sketchy bank and scurrying around I retrieved the phone without too much fuss and it was fine. Whoops!The last hour was cruisy and boom just like that it was the road to the Lewis Pass.Ran into Marion and Francois who had a box of food they sent themselves to pick up from Boyle, I headed to the road with my friendliest smile and stuck out my thumb.The other two joined me and after about half an hour we had success, a nice German backpacker dropped all three of us at the junction to Hamner.Within seconds I was picked up by a cute family from Christchurch and ten minutes later I was in Hamner Springs!Treated myself for a job well done on 2000km and got pad thai for lunch, then went down the road to the YHA hostel, Kakapo Lodge, where I remembered staying a few years ago.Still a great place and was checking in and saw a bunch of people who i knew who had arrived the day before.Spent the afternoon drinking coffee and resupplied for the next section at th 4square.Went for a soak in the hotsprings for the remainder of daylight hours then enjoyed some laughs with fellow hikers playing trivial pursuit until late.Awesome day!


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