TA Day 94- Keeps getting better

Today – 29km from Hope Kiwi Lodge to Hurunui hut 3

Total – 2103km

Woke up to some unruly non TA hikers being loud and annoying before 7am.

Managed to lie in a little then got up and made oats. I’m trying oats again after not eating them for 2 months. We will see how successful that turns out.

Headed off and the first few kms were wonderful valley meandering, and then the trail dipped into the beech forest for the next few hours.

I needed lots of little stops this morning, I was feeling a little sluggish, despite making pretty good progress on the trail.

Headed up and over kiwi saddle and met a couple of North bounders and we exchanged advice about the upcoming sections.

The trail skirts around Lake Sumner but mostly in the forest, went off trail to a small viewpoint that unfortunately just showed a speck of blue lake and a bunch of trees.

Few small stream crossings and lunch was a hurried affair before the sandflies ate me alive.

Descended down to Lake Sumner and wow, awesome view of a very pretty lake, with the mountains either side.

Also , got a wee bit confused as there was a track through the tussock here but the markers soon disappeared.

Quickly spotted the big orange marker glaring at me 150m away on the outskirts of the forest, only a fence in the way to keep the unruly cattle out.

Score +1, to Canterbury electric fences. Dumb as, did not even think and put my hand straight on the wire. Duh, of course its electric. The first rule after Northland is to assume every fence is electric.

Bit of a zing but trooped on and a few more kms and was travelling in the open valley.

Could see the brown roof of a hut in the distance, and traversed across the valley, crossed a swingbridge and did some sidling to make it to Hurunui hut.

Had a wee nap here. It was amazing. Also ran into Marte & Jasper, and Yerin and Brianne who are all travelling as a group. They were relaxing before heading on.

Also saw Eric & Emma who had taken a nice day off relaxing at this hut. Beautiful place for it, classic wooden interior and really spacious.

After my powernap I decided to head on to see what the fuss was all about with news of a hot spring further down the trail.

The next few kms flew by, and before I knew it I was soaking in a hot spring! What a treat.

This was my view !

Managed half an hour before the sandflies started to really bother me, and good timing as a bunch of others turned up , planning on camping near by.

Only 5km to go and a few in forest and a few in the open tussock.

Home for tonight is Hurunui hut number 3, only a Dutch couple who I met last night and Bram [Belgium] here. Lovely dinner of curry couscous. Bed.

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