TA Day 95 – Over the Pass

Tosay- 14.5km from Hurunui Hut 3 to Locke Stream Hut


Today was a good day where nothing particularly remarkable happened, but it was really enjoyable.

Some early morning excitement crossing Cameron Stream on a 3 wire bridge woohoo.

The trail followed the forest up to Cameron hut, an old tin shack hut in a picturesque location.

After a couple more hours I reached Harper Biv, a cute little 2bunker about 1.5km before the pass.

The trail to Harpers Pass was a bit of a bushwhack and a few stream crossings. The humidity came up and really sweaty today!


et Bram [Belgium] at the top of the Pass and we had a leisurely break of over an hour, relaxing, eating, talking.


he way down required harder concentration, it was a lot of washed out track so steep bits to watch out for.

It was beautiful coming down into the valley though, I feel like it’s amazing watching the landscape change each section.

Tonight I’m at Locke Stream Hut, another beautiful wooden hut . A bunch of other hikers showed up who had camped at the hot springs the night before.

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