TA Day 106 – Tekapo, and what storm?

Today – 0 day!!

Total 1305km

Woke up to beautiful weather and the game plan was to get to Tekapo and start walking the canal route .

Except hitching in a group of 3 early in the morning is a crappy idea.

It took ages for us to get a lift, ended up getting a separate lift for Emeric and then Dylan and I got a lift in a sweet campervan with a lovely kiwi french couple.

Arriving in Tekapo we definately knew it wasnt going to be a walking day so decided to check in at the Holiday park and have a lazy day off.

The rest of the day was spent chilling, eating and drinking beer.

The holiday park was in a good location , and its lucky we weren’t walking the canal today because it was pretty windy.

After a lazy afternoon we got fish and chips and watched the sunset before heading back to camp.

Tekapo is a beautiful place, loads of tourists but you can find places to yourselves along the lake for sure.

Was a pretty sunset and started to get chilly with the wind.

Back at camp we had a sleeping bag party with the last beer and I tried to point out some of the constellations I knew. The stars are incredible out here! A really fun day off with awesome company

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