TA Day 107 – Smashed it

Today – 45km from Lake Tekapo to Pines Campsite Lake Pukaki

Total- 1305 + 45 today

Woke up and Dylan announced he wasnt joining us for the canal walk, hes had a bit of a sore foot so definately not a good plan to walk 45km.

Left town about 830am and kept a good pace all day. It was beautiful weather, not crazy hot but sunny and only a super light breeze.

As we got further from Tekapo we saw Mt Cook! Awesome. I was planning to head to Mt Cook tommorrow and see my mates who I worked with in Canada, so exciting!

We were travelling at 5-6 km an hour pretty solidly, and making great time.

Met a couple of cyclists and some locals fishing but all and all barely any people out and about.

Had some great breaks, enjoyed lots of snacks. Mt Cook and the whole chain of mountains soon spread out before us, epic.

Soon enough we came to Lake Pukaki, which we would then spend the rest of the afternoon walking around.

The colour of it is crazy blue, it doesn’t even look real.

Had lunch under the only tree for ages and then rapidly packed up when some massive wind gusts came in.

Stomped out the last 12km around the lakeshore and arrived at the Lake Pukaki free camp before 6. Not a bad day at all.

I was stoked at how good I felt after doing 45km. I could still walk, and not even that, I knew if we had another 10km to go, it would have been fine for me to walk that. Awesome!

Dinner was in order, and so was a refreshing beverage. That’s right, we carried one beer each to celebrate smashing a big day. Woo!!

The sky clouded over, maybe the storm is finally coming??

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