TA Day 104- Cruising through the valley

Today- 23km from Double hut to Camp at 2289.4kmTotal – 2289.4kmWhat a great day. Woke up and had another leisurely hut morning, wonderful just chilling out.I have taken to getting up, going toilet, making a coffee then going back to my bunk with coffee and reading. I’ve been reading Endurance , about Shackletons exploration in Antarctica. Epic read.Anyway, didn’t leave the hut till past 10.30am , excellent. Did some off track rambling with Emeric to get back to the track instead of backtracking to the trail and then continuing.Lovely travel through a big open valley on a 4WD track. Absolutely cruised and enjoyed the scenery, and was amazed at how fast I’d been going .Climbed a small saddle and looking down valley saw heaps of people – over 8 northbounders heading my way.There were a mix of southbounders who had started earlier that I’d caught up with.Slightly down trail I found Marion , Francois and Emeric chilling in some shade, enjoying lunch, I joined them and brought out a load of cheese and crackers and nuts and snacks for lunch. Cheese has been a staple in my diet to keep up with fats and protein.After lunch, left and we went on a road for a while. Emeric and I were going a similar pace cruising the road section, with amazing scenery. He got some sweet scenery snaps looking back at where we had walked. We stopped for a swim at the river and then a bunch of us rolled towards camp together for the night, a beaut spot by the river.

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