TA Day 115- Breast is the best

Today- 24km from Top Timaru Hut to Pakituhi Hut

Total- 2539.2km

7.30am start today. After the shenanigans of starting after 1pm twice days in a row, we now are “morning” people.

The hut was so hot last night, but I was stoked to have a bed so it was no worries. The first part of todays trail was on the river, and people had described it as terrible, horrible, follow the river not the track.

Eager to see what all the fuss was about, we followed the trail. It was sweet as. Beautiful undulating track and so many good swimming holes.

It probably helped we were both in a good mood and the sun was still behind the mountains so the temperature was perfect.

Up and down we followed the river, and often crossed it. I’m always straight in for the wet feet, I never bother to dance across rock hopping in rivers because it’s more likely I’ll slip. Emeric was very amusing as he crossed all the rivers trying to to get wet feet.

The sun was hitting the river at just the right angle for some awesome morning light. If it had of been a bit warmer I would’ve jumped right in!

We knew we were going to smash the DOC time given , 7-8hours to Stodys hut. We got to the junction and then it was a really steep climb up to the hut.

Sometimes the trail doesn’t muck around on the TA . It was like someone had ran vertically up the mountain flapping orange triangles on the trees.

But I like a good challenge and it is really amazing how fast you gain elevation. Up we went, and then broke tree line with amazing views, the river far below.

Stopped for a few water breaks then arrived at the hut. Saw Dan & Liv and also Harrison [ kiwi/USA] and said hi to them before they headed off.

Enjoyed a lazy long lunch and Myriam ( FR) and Sarah [NZ] showed up and we all sat outside having laughs.

Soon the afternoons walking began, and we plodded up Breast Hill on a 4WD track. I was surprised at how chill the climb was.

Amazing views opened up and we could see right across to Mt Aspiring and all the Southern Alps. The first glimpse of blue water of Lake Hawea was in the distance.

I was super excited to reach Breast Hill, and the views down to Wanaka and Hawea.

Reached the top and it was incredible. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Relaxed at the top for a few hours with Emeric, Valeria, Myriam and Sarah, and took photos and enjoyed the view.

Plodded out way down to the Pakituhi Hut which we had all to ourselves, a beautiful 8 bunker, very clean and new.

Made some dinner then went back to the ridge to watch sunset. It was incredible.


super fun day with an awesome group of people. Incredible scenery. Definately a highlight.

Pretty excited to head into Wanaka tommorrow, as that’s where I used to live and will be living after the trail . Looking forward to catching up with familiar faces!!


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