TA Day 116- Welcome to Wanaka

Today- 35km from Pakituhi hut to Lake Wanaka


Started the day early [before 8] and started the long descent down to Lake Hawea.

The sun was coming over the ridge and the view was spectacular the whole way down.

We had heard it was a knee shattering descent but it was no worse than anything we had done before.

It was pretty long but awesome viewpoints.

Smashed out the descent faster than expected and followed the road a couple of km.

I saw Emeric heading for the lake and followed suit. Morning swims are the best! Sarah joined us and we all enjoyed soothing our joints in the brisk water. Definately not as cold as expected!

Refreshed and really chilly we raced towards the sun, basking in its rays. It was then flat walking towards Lake Hawea village and I was dreaming of a burger or a pie.

Got some ice cold orange juice and a pie, and then commenced the walk towards Albert town.

It was a long day, and we were dreaming of drinking cold beer on the lakefront in Wanaka.

The river track into Albert Town was beautiful, and we had some good chats about different highlights of the trail in the last week or so.

After a break with a few people in Albert Town outside the Four Square, we boosted the last part of the trail into Wanaka. It was really interesting for me, as I used to live here before moving to canada, seeing all of the new houses that have been built.

Walking into the town, we made a beeline for New World, there were soooo many people there but we grabbed a box of beer and some chips and headed to the lake front.

Over the next few hours we met lots of hikers coming down for a beer and enjoyed some chill out time.

It was epic to finally be in Wanaka. It was beautiful and all my happy memories of living there came back, and I’m really excited to live there again.

I said goodbye to Emeric a bit later as my mate Nina who I used to work with picked me up and I stayed with her and her boyfriend Bob at their lovely place. Thanks a mill for having me!

Well, here we are in Wanaka. It’s crazy that I’ve walked here! Reality of the end is coming is starting to hit as I become familiar with more places heading south. In three days I’ll be with my other friend Nina in Arrowtown, and then a day to Queenstown.

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